Tired of your Boring Weight loss Diet? Try This Instead

Have you taken things too far with your weight loss diet? Feeling sick and tired of eating boiled cauliflower and sipping flavorless green juices? Don’t beat yourself up. The truth is, dieting is hard.

The “I hate it here, but I have no choice” type of hard. Most of the recommended foods for weight loss are either too bland for your liking, or just hard to find. However, you can always find new exciting ways to adhere to your weight loss diet, which is why in this blog post, we’ll be giving you five fire tips on how to shake things up in the kitchen and sprint faster towards your body goals. 

1. Carbs aren’t the enemy

The flaring popularity of Ketogenic diets is largely responsible for the cynical attitude towards Carbs. Your favorite fitness influencer has probably advised you to run away from carbs because carbs are here to get you. They’re here to snatch your waist and run with it. They’re here to erase every work out you’ve ever done and revert you back to square one. As a result, your kitchen is probably a carbs-free zone, and any-time you smell a whiff of cooking brown rice, you quickly clump your nostrils shut.

Well, here’s a disclaimer: Carbs aren’t the enemy, and its high time we stopped creating a monster out of an innocent food group.  According to research, carbohydrates are the main energy source for your body, and excluding them from your weight loss diet could cause tiredness and long-term health problems. The type of carbohydrates that you should avoid is those that emanate from processed sugars and junk food. These include things like soda, chocolates, cake, and white-bread. Since they are processed in factories, these food options tend to pack a punch of additional sugars and additives that contribute to weight gain. And besides, zero-carb diets are unsustainable. This is why, here at the wellness club, we totally vouch for the low-carb diet instead. This diet type doesn’t require you to turn your back on mashed potatoes or never cross paths with whole grains again. Instead, it advocates for portion control. Serving 100g of brown rice or mashed potatoes won’t hurt your goals, so go for it. (Grab a copy of  our E-book if you’d like to dive further into the best low carb diet for you!)

2. Introduce cheat meals as part of your weight-loss diet plan.

You’ve probably heard of cheat days, no? To put it simply, this is the day that the dieting police goes off-duty. This is a guilt-free day when you’re allowed to indulge in your favorite pastries, even if they fall in the unhealthy end of the spectrum.

And while the idea of cheat days is bound to elicit mixed reactions, even professional Olympic athletes have admitted to enjoying cheesy and savory treats occasionally. Specifically, the ripped Dwayne Johnson occasionally gobbles down “Two fat 8oz Double cheeseburgers with bacon and Fries.” This sounds too unhealthy, doesn’t it? Well, this mentality could be the reason why you’re bored stiff with your weight loss diet plan.

The thing is, even dieting that’s geared towards weight loss/maintenance requires balance. The thought of never dipping sushi in soy sauce ever again would make even the strongest person crush because how sad would that be?

On top of that, a well-calculated cheating strategy is bound to take your metabolism a notch higher and stamp out cravings. We all have those weeks when we can’t stop thinking about Mac and Cheese, so why not get it over with?

Therefore, slot a day of the week when you take a breather from cauliflower and all the leafy greens. This could go a long way in saving your weight loss goals and eradicating feelings of torture and deprivation. It will even motivate you to stay loyal to your diet throughout the week since there’s something to look forward to.

However, be careful not to over-indulge. Also, if you can get a healthier version of anything, go for it!

3. Polish Your Cooking skills.

Are you tired of the same boring food? Maybe, your cooking is to blame. The thing is, dieting is already hard enough, and cooking the same recipes over and over only increases the baggage.  

Therefore, aim to shake things up in the kitchen by trying out new recipes and switching up your meal plan.  For example, our simple weight loss recipes E-book will come through by providing ridiculously tasty weight-loss dishes. Inside, you’ll find alien seasonings and spices that you probably haven’t used before, hence providing a break from the usual. We realized that eating tasteless food could contribute to diet boredom, which is why we came up with this helpful cooking guide. We bring back low-calorie oatmeal recipes for Oat lovers, including other little-known foods that work perfectly for weight loss.

4. Hop off the Bandwagon and Find What Works for You.

Admittedly, you’ve found yourself cooking off other people’s suggestions. Stop it. Just because Molly from Pinterest swears by a certain gluten-free pizza dough recipe doesn’t mean you’ll love it too. So don’t force it. More so, with this social media age, it’s easy to lose yourself in fad diets that are often propagated by fitness influencers. The next thing you know, you’re in the middle of your kitchen wondering why you’re holding a mushrooms recipe, yet you’ve hated mushrooms since childhood.

My point is, refrain from boarding diet trains. While fad diets promise instant weight-loss results, there’s no medical proof to back up these claims. What usually happens is that these diets shed off your water weight, hence creating a false impression that you’re shedding off fat.  

Actually, most trending diets advise you to remove certain foods from your diet or reduce the number of times you eat. This can have detrimental effects on your everyday productivity and long-term health. You’ll end up feeling tired and dehydrated all the time. Plus, fad diets reduce your calories to the extent that your body is forced to slow down its metabolism to conserve some energy. Hands down, you don’t want that to happen. So if you can, create personalized meal plans that cater to your own goals. You could hire a nutritionist to help with this, or teach yourself through E-books such as this ‘Simple weight loss recipes.’


5. Snack It.

Snacks are often side-lined when it comes to weight loss. Let’s blame this on the bad reputation sugary snacks like cookies have garnered. However, did you know that we actually have healthy snacks that could help fuel your weight loss goals? If you’re wondering what makes up a healthy snack, here are a few things to look out for:

  • Should not exceed 200 calories
  • Contain at least 3g of fiber. This is recommended because fiber induces satiation feelings, hence reducing the overall amount of food you eat.
  • Less than 8g of sugar per serving
  • If the ingredients are too complex to pronounce or understand, leave it.

Berries, for example, aid in burning belly fat. Green tea, trail mix, and Greek yogurt are also great snacks for perking up your metabolism and burning calories, so you should definitely include them in your weight loss food journal.

There you have it! If you’ve always wanted to include some excitement in your weight loss plan, these tips will go a long way. You can also check the weight loss category on our Wellness-e-book shop for more resources on how to achieve desirable weight loss and fitness goals.

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