7 Bad Habits that Steal Your Happiness

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? This sad, empty feeling that you’re unable to pin down? You’re not the first person to feel this way. Many people go through bouts of negative energy with unclear causes. It so happens, your daily habits have a bearing on how happy or unhappy you feel, which is why in this blog post, we are going to share with you 7 negative habits that steal your happiness and how you can restore a positive state of wellbeing.  

1. Negative Self-talk

One of the major causes of unhappiness is speaking negatively to yourself. While we all have a little voice within us, how you manipulate this voice is what that truly matters. Do you use it to motivate yourself to achieve your goals? Or do you let this voice talk you out of big ideas and make you feel bad about yourself?

Unfortunately, most people can relate heavily to the latter.  They let their inner voice be a harsh critic of what they do or how they look. They bombard themselves with incessant fault-finding that develops into a continuous cycle of unhappiness.

Actually, toxic self-talk is highly linked to feelings of depression and inadequacy. The effects eventually trickle down into your personal relationships, causing you to detach from people you care about. So if the first thing you tell yourself in the morning is, “I hate how I look,” or “ I’m not smart enough to handle this project, “  you need to break this cycle now.

 And the good news is, our Choose to Be Happy E-book touches on how to pave your path to success by entertaining positive thoughts. Grab it and learn the best positive thought strategies to help drown that little negative voice!

2. Excessive social media use

The second habit that steals your happiness is uncurbed social media indulgence. Are you secretly scrolling through Instagram under your sheets during bedtime? Do you sneak into your work bathroom to reply to Facebook comments? Is social media impeding your daily productivity at school? Unfortunately, a majority can answer Yes to at least one of these questions.

A study by CyberPsychology unveils a strong correlation between social media and mental health issues such as low self-esteem. Why is this so? For one, social media breeds tendencies of unhealthy comparison. Exposing yourself to other people’s successes can make you feel like your own life is in the gutter. Not to mention the countless “perfect bodies” that dot our Instagram feeds. If you want it to be happy again, start limiting your screen time.

3. Eating too much junk

This will surprise you, but junk food can be a huge Debbie Downer. Health experts have discovered a link between unhealthy food and stressful emotions. It doesn’t matter what’s making you lose sleep; that extra slice of pizza might only offer a fleeting feeling of comfort before it takes your stress to the roof.

How is this possible? The thing is, junk food laden with sugar and unsaturated fats triggers sudden spikes in your sugar levels. These tamper with the neurotransmitters responsible for your emotions, causing them to be unstable.

4. Entertaining Your Addictions

What’s that one thing you’re painfully addicted to? Is it gambling, alcohol, gaming, smoking, your phone, or shopping? Chances are engaging your addiction is another habit that steals your happiness. When a bad habit becomes an addiction, it means you become hooked to it. This negative habit preoccupies your brain and even tampers with your daily activities.

Additionally, the sad reality is that most addicts shy away from seeking help. They stick to the cycle of engaging in their addictive habits, then feeling bad afterward. By seeking professional help, you’ll be able to break free from the trappings of whatever you’re addicted to. If this addiction happens to be gaming, this “Gaming addiction “ E-book will prove to be incredibly helpful.

5. Overthinking about the Future

If there is a hallmark for unhappiness, it is definitely overthinking. Truth be told, drowning in thoughts is a habit that most of us grapple with from Time to Time. This is perfectly normal. The problem sets in when your overthinking morphs into a deep, unexplainable fear of the future. Or when you start imagining scenarios in your head.

Overthinking manifests itself in different ways. It could be reminiscing about the pregnancy scare you had in college. Or letting your Monday Interview bar you from sleeping. Whether you’re overthinking about the past or the future, it can breed feelings of regret, despair, and demotivation.

One of my favorite quotes is, ‘ Let go and Let Live.” It simply means, let go of all the things you have no control over and start living in the moment.

6. Failing to plan your time

Not sure why you’re so unhappy? Maybe you’re just feeling unproductive. Poor time planning is a known root cause of stress and negative thoughts. Feeling like you’re wasting your time or not striking things off your to-do-list can make anyone lose morale. If this is you, start using these stress relief products and apply these goal-setting secrets from successful entrepreneurs.

When you relieve present feelings of stress and fatigue, you’re one step ahead in terms of regaining your productivity. Setting your goals like a boss also helps you identify cracks that are causing you to waste time.

7. Extended Periods of Loneliness

Ever wondered why humans are regarded as social beings? It’s because we thrive in social settings. Even if you’re a seasoned introvert, I’m sure a call from your favorite person excites you to bits.  However, sometimes life takes a toll on us, and we find ourselves withdrawing into cocoons. Maybe you’re going through something, or your workload became unmanageable.

If you let staying alone develop into a habit, you’re bound to start feeling unhappy. Extended periods of loneliness eventually cause you to bottle up your feelings. These feelings slowly chip away at your peace of mind, and when they explode, you’ll be too deep into depression to climb out. Therefore, make sure you maintain your social interactions no matter the life phase you’re in.

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