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Fitness with Karen Quilliam

“Feel the beat of your life to be the best you can be and live at your fullest!”

More About Karen….

I am a Certified Fitness Instructor and have been teaching fitness classes for 24 years. I am also certified in Personal Training, Zumba, Pilates, Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Poundfit, and Individual conditioning.

Fitness and Health is my Passion. I also have certificates for Clean Eating and Nutrition. I am currently teaching 7 live classes a week at 2 different studios. I have a Fitness Youtube channel that I started 2.5 years ago which I love doing. When you are living your passion, it becomes effortless! I love creating my workouts for my Channel because the way It makes people feel after they do my workouts is so rewarding. I am helping people feel great and healthy!

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